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Since opening in 2006, the Bhagat Hari Singh Charitable Hospital has been providing healthcare to a large rural community around 

Dadyal near Hoshiarpur in Punjab, India.


With no equivalent hospital in the nearby area it provides a lifeline for many, particularly those who are unable to afford basic medical care. 

Bhagat Hari Singh Ji's vision was of a hospital where everyone could receive care, regardless of their economic status.  This is why we ensure all treatments at the hospital are affordable and will provide free treatment for those truly vulnerable and in need of care.

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The Founder

Bhagat Hari Singh Ji began the project at the age of 85.  He was compelled by the death of a close friend who passed away en route from Dadyal to the nearest major town, Jalandhar, to receive treatment.

Inspired by the NHS in the UK, his dream was of a pinnacle healthcare facility that could support the surrounding rural communities and was affordable to everyone.

He worked tirelessly to raise the funds and with the support of Mr S. Harbhajan Singh Ji Marway, who provided the initial funds to begin building, and Mr S. Magar Singh Ji Diocee. The foundation stone was laid in February 1999 with hospital being built 5 stories high so it could be a beacon of light to all in the area.

Unfortunately Bhagat Hari Singh Ji passed away on 26th October 2006 with the hospital opening on the 5th November in his honour. Initially opening with only an Outpatients dept. and Emergency ward the hospital has grown into the life-changing and life-saving institution it is today.

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Bhagat Hari Singh Ji with S. Harbhajan Singh Ji Marway, S. Maghar Singh Ji Diocee and others inspecting the site of the hospital before construction

The Trust

The BHS Charitable Hospital is run by the Bhagat Hari Singh Memorial Trust.  

The trust are based in the UK and are responsible for the management and operation of the hospital. 

All trustees and fundraisers supporting the BHS Charitable Hospital do so on a voluntary basis.  This guarantees all of your donations go directly into running the hospital and helping to continue the life-saving work happening there everyday.

If you are interested in supporting the BHS Charitable Hospital please contact us.

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Darshan Kaur Rattan



Malkit Singh Rattan



Raminder Kaur Sagoo

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