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By sponsoring a bed at the Bhagat Hari Singh Charitable Hospital for just £10 a month, you can help someone receive the medical care that can save their life 

  • Offer practical advice and education on how patients can improve their health and wellbeing

  • Send you updates about our work and how your support helps transform the live of those in need

  • Provide healthcare to the poor and vulnerable in a safe and clean environment

  • Provide the treatment and support needed to get our patients back on their feet sooner, enabling them to continue providing for their families

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your sponsorship


For just 35p a day

What does £10 a month pay for?

Your £10 a month helps us to support the treatment happening across the hospital everyday.  Not every patient we see is serious enough to require a bed, but everyone is equally important in terms of ensuring we provide the highest standard of care possible.


Healthcare is a very complex area and as such we strive to offer as many services as possible, but this requires a wide range of staff with specialist knowledge and expensive equipment that needs to be regularly maintained.  Without these staff and the equipment we wouldn't be able to keep the hospital open and be able to help anyone.


The true cost of supporting a bed in the hospital varies depending on the patients condition but we have chosen £10 a month as we feel this is an amount a sponsor may be able to afford.  Having regular monthly donations allows us to plan for the future of the Bhagat Hari Singh Charitable Hospital.  

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